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About The EC

So what is this The Entrepreneurs Corner about?

In one sentence: Basically I’m going to track the most successful entrepreneurs of the world down and force them to part their hard earned experience with me, you and the rest of our audience. Simply really! And I’ve already lined some great people up to interview.

You might be saying : “Well Pat… there are so many podcasts out there… why should I care about this one”

Great question my entrepreneurial friend and here is the answer: I’m going to attempt wrestle some of the secrets out of them they don’t normally share. I’ll also try to keep it fun and light-hearted as well, but just hear the first one ( soon to go live) and I’m sure you will be sticking around for more.

I hope ill see you back here again soon and in the meantime, please follow our facebook page to be notified about our podcasts and get lots of great tips right here

Have an amazing day dudes and dudettes 🙂

Patrick M. Powers



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